Artificio: Turning 'logistical nightmare' into 'AI dream' for supply chain operations

Efficiency Boost, Error and Cost Reductions in Shipping Documents Processing, Data Analysis, Improved Customer Satisfaction with AI & ML platform
Why supply chain, logistics or shipping operations needs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Automation now?
  • Errors in Manual Data Entry

  • Complexity of Global Supply Chains

  • Increasing Consumer Expectations

  • Cost Savings

  • Rising Labor Shortages

  • Sustainability

  • Risk Reduction

  • Data Utilization

  • Demand Fluctuations

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Competitive Advantage

The Workflow Engine

Rapidly Evolving Markets: AI & ML allows quick response to changing markets and customer expectations.

Labor Shortage and Costs: AI & ML automation addresses labor shortages and reduces costs by Automate manual entry.

Supply chain Complexity: AI & ML manages global supply chain complexities and warehouse operations efficiently and effectively.

Data Explosion: AI & ML provides rapid, accurate analysis of vast supply chain data from BOLs, PODs, Sales orders, Deliveries, ASN.

Increased Competition: AI & ML offers a competitive edge through cost reduction and efficiency using data insights.

Customer Expectations: AI & ML enhances customer experience through fast, transparent service and not missing any sales order for on-time delivery.

Implement Logistics or Shipping AI & ML automation solution in 5 simple steps

Step 1

Artificio imports an array of structured and unstructured (PDFs or Images) data from all sources such as Documents, Drives, Websites, Emails, Databases, Etc.

Step 2

Artificio Auto classifies the logistics documents into Individual Categories such as Bill of ladings, sales orders, Deliveries, ASNs, freight invoices or any customized categories by business owners.

Step 3

Artificio auto extracts key pairs or user-specific data fields, table line items by leveraging AI deep-learning custom models.

Step 4
Validator (Notifier)

Artificio verifies and validates each data entity by running AI & ML learning models and user specific rules. It sends notifications to users for exceptions as well.

Step 5

Artificio integrates data into ERP systems, Cloud, Database, or any other portals via API’s, Json, XLS and CSV.

Features of Supply chain, logistics and shipping AI & ML automation Platform – Artificio

Automate, Accelerate, Achieve, Streamline Complexity and Transmute Documents into Decisions with Artificio.

  • AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Auto Documents Classification for
    Warehouse operations

    Artificio's AI-powered OCR engine effortlessly reads and extracts data from your logistics and shipping documents, irrespective of the format (Scanned PDFs or Images) or language, reducing manual efforts and increasing data accuracy.

    Document Classification for Shipping or Supply chain documents

    Artificio automatically categorizes your documents such as Bill of lading (BOL) , Proof of deliveries ( POD), Freight invoices, Advance shipping notification based on their content and context, facilitating easy retrieval, better organization, and efficient processing of your logistics documents.

    AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Auto Documents Classification for
  • AI NER (Named Entity Recognition) and Table Line-items extractions using Pretrained or Custom Models:
    NER - Key Pairs

    Leveraging both pre-trained and custom models, Artificio's AI NER identifies Key pairs and classifies key information from unstructured text, turning your documents into a treasure trove of actionable data.

    Table Line Items

    Artificio can meticulously extract line-item details from complex invoices, shipping manifests, or other documents, ensuring every bit of information is captured and utilized effectively

    AI NER (Named Entity Recognition) and Table Line-items extractions using Pretrained or Custom Models
  • Data Verification, Validation and Anomaly Detection
    Rules creation and execution

    Our platform goes beyond data extraction by verifying and validating the information, ensuring its correctness and consistency, and reducing the risk of errors by creating custom rules such as mandatory, allowed values, calculation, match and duplicate.

    Custom AI & ML Models

    Artificio uses state-of-the-art AI & ML algorithms to detect anomalies in your data, predicting missing data or other required data for flagging potential issues early and helping prevent costly errors and fraud.

    Data Verification, Validation and Anomaly Detection
  • Integration with ERP Systems ( SAP, ORACLE, Portals and Database)
    Integration with third party

    Artificio smoothly integrates with your existing ERP systems, allowing seamless data transfer and ensuring your operations continue to run efficiently without disruption. Artificio can also easily integrate the verified data with QuickBooks, SAP FICO, ORACLE etc ERP systems via API calls. User can also download the data into XLS, CSV or Json formats.

    Integration with ERP Systems ( SAP, ORACLE, Portals and Database)
  • Design Supply chain or logistics AI custom APPs or forms with speed and ease
    AI APPs Creation

    Shipping department can create their own customized AI driven app to collect ASN, Sales orders, Deliveries, BOL etc by using drag and drop components backed by AI and provide access to customers or vendors. The shipping department can also create and share the URL to supplier for submitting the freight quotes or documents for auto processing

    Generate emails and Auto transmission to business partners

    Logistics team can create their own custom static or dynamic email message, or AI can generate the dynamic text message based on the data to better collaborate with customers and vendors to improve relationship.

    PDF Design

    Using our PDF design application, Supply chain department can auto design and auto generate Shipping related documents or fillable PDFs and share/print the same with other team members or partners with ease and speed.

    Design Supply chain or logistics AI custom APPs or forms with speed and ease
  • Scalability and Security
    Scalability and Security

    Artificio can easily handle growing data volumes, adapting to your business needs as they evolve

    With advanced security protocols, Artificio ensures your data's safety, keeping it secure from breaches and unauthorized access

    Scalability and Security
  • Data views - Daily, weekly, Monthly, Yearly Shipment history reports with insights
    Predictive Data Analytics

    Our inbuilt data analytics tool can show trends and charts for faster analysis on the shipments, Sale orders, PODs or ASNs etc. The logistics team can also perform predictive analytics backed by AI & ML methodology on the total qty shipped or received in the warehouse by week wise or month wise.

    DataGrid Features

    Cell editing, Row grouping, Export to excel, Pivoting, column filter, Header – line items view, Clipboard, Chart Integrations, Hide and show columns, Pin down, Sum or total for columns.

    Multiple views

    Supply chain team can join multiple shipping documents such as ASN, Rate confirmations, Freight Invoices data in single view and process millions of rows.

    Data views - Daily, weekly, Monthly, Yearly Shipment history reports with insights

Enjoy Benefits of Artificio to Simplify Complexity and Amplify Productivity!

Efficiency Boost and Reduce errors
Efficiency Boost and Reduce errors

By automating logistics and document processing, Artificio significantly enhances operational efficiency, saving time and resources.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

By automating tasks typically done by humans, Artificio significantly reduces labor costs, contributing to improved bottom lines.

Better Decision Making
Better Decision Making

With AI & ML-based insights from your logistics data, Artificio empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimizing operations and strategies.

Real-time Anomaly Detection
Real-time Anomaly Detection

Artificio’ s ability to detect anomalies in real-time helps mitigate risks early, preventing costly errors or fraud. It autofill’s missing data as well.

Improved Compliance and Sustainability
Improved Compliance and Sustainability

Automated document processing can help maintain compliance with regulatory standards by ensuring accuracy consistency in data and reducing paperwork.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Faster, more accurate operations and deliveries powered by Artificio can result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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  • What is Artificio?
    Artificio is an AI & ML automation platform designed to streamline logistics and shipping operations. It automates tasks like document processing, data extraction, verification, validation, and anomaly detection, and seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP systems. Users can also create or design their own custom AI apps, forms, PDFs, emails using drag and drop intuitive interface.
  • How does Artificio use AI & ML in logistics operations?
    Artificio uses AI & ML to read and extract data from documents such as BOL, PODs, Rate confirmation, Freight invoices, Custom related documents using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), categorizes these documents, identifies key pair and line items information from unstructured text using Named Entity Recognition (NER), verifies and validates extracted data, detects anomalies, and integrates the data with ERP systems.
  • How can Artificio improve my company's efficiency?
    By automating labor-intensive and time-consuming manual data entry tasks, Artificio frees up your team to focus on strategic tasks. It reduces errors, speeds up processing, and offers real-time anomaly detection, which significantly improves operational efficiency.
  • Is Artificio secure?
    Yes, Artificio prioritizes data security. We follow strict security protocols to ensure your data is kept secure from breaches and unauthorized access.
  • Can Artificio integrate with my existing ERP system?
    Absolutely! Artificio is designed to integrate smoothly with your existing ERP systems, ensuring seamless data transfer and continued operational efficiency.
  • How does Artificio contribute to sustainability in logistics?
    By optimizing logistics operations, Artificio can help reduce wastage of paperwork, AI can optimize routes, and manage inventory effectively from shipping documents, contributing to reduced carbon footprints and eco-friendly practices.
  • Can Artificio handle high data volumes?
    Yes, Artificio is highly scalable and can handle increasing data volumes as your business grows.
  • How does Artificio's anomaly detection work?
    Artificio uses state-of-the-art AI & ML algorithms to detect anomalies or irregularities in your data, flagging potential issues early and helping prevent costly errors or fraud.
  • Can Artificio improve accuracy in my logistics operations?
    Absolutely! Artificio minimizes the risk of human error in tasks such as data extraction, document processing, and validation, ensuring higher data accuracy.
  • How can I start using Artificio?
    Getting started with Artificio is simple. Contact us through our website or via, and our sales team will guide you through the setup process. We also provide demos to help you understand the platform better.
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