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Our pricing is transparent
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High Return of investment, Value vs Cost
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You never deal with weird extra charges

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  • What is included in the Trial plan?
    The Trial plan is a free 30-day trial with limited access. It includes Data Extraction of Pages (50), Rules Creation (2), E-mail Designs (2), PDF Designs (2), Form Designs (2), E-mail Transmission (50), Form Submission (50), E-mail Workflow Creation (1), Generate or Fill up PDF (10), and 1 GB of Files storage. However, it does not allow any additional users.
  • Do I need to provide my credit card details for the Trial plan?
    While the Trial plan is free for the first 30 days, you will need to provide your credit card information when registering. However, your card will not be charged during the 30-day trial period.
  • What happens after the 30-day Trial period?
    After the 30-day Trial period ends, you will be automatically subscribed to the Starter plan ($49 per month) unless you cancel or upgrade to a different plan before the trial expires.
  • Can I cancel my subscription if I don't want to continue after the Trial?
    Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the end of the 30-day Trial period to avoid being charged for the Starter plan.
  • What is the difference between the Starter and Premium plans?
    The Starter plan costs $49 and offers limited usage levels for features like Data Extraction of Pages (300), Rules Creation (5), and so on. The Premium plan, priced at $599, provides significantly higher usage limits, such as 5000 Data Extraction of Pages, 10 Rules Creation, and additional features like Custom Model (NER/Document/Table Classification) and the ability to have 2 Extra Users.
  • What additional features are included in the Enterprise plan?
    The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and includes everything from the Premium plan, plus advanced features like Roles and Authorization, Single Sign-On (SSO), and a Dedicated Workspace.
  • Can I add more users to the Starter or Premium plans?
    Yes, both the Starter and Premium plans allow you to purchase Add-ons for Extra Users beyond the initial allocation.
  • Are there any add-ons or additional features available for the Starter plan?
    Yes, although the Starter plan has limited usage levels, you can purchase "Add-ons for Extra Usage" to increase the limits for features like Data Extraction of Pages, E-mail Transmission, Form Submissions, and more.
  • What is the cost for additional "Data Extraction of Pages" beyond the plan limits?
    The cost for additional Data Extraction of Pages varies between plans. For the Premium plan, it's $0.10 (10 cents) per additional page. For the Starter plan, it's $0.15 (15 cents) per additional page beyond the plan's limit.
  • How are "Data Extraction of Pages" counted?
    The number of pages counted is based on the total number of pages processed, regardless of how many files they are spread across. For example, if you upload 1 PDF with 5 pages, it will count as 5 pages. Similarly, if you upload 5 separate PDFs with 1 page each, it will still count as 5 pages in total.
  • How can I get more usage for features like E-mail Transmission or Form Submissions?
    Each plan has a specific usage limit for various features. If you need more usage than what's included in your plan, you can "Buy Add-ons for Extra Usage" to increase the limits as needed.
  • Is the Custom Model training feature only available on the Premium plan, or can I access it with add-ons on the Starter plan? 
    The Custom Model (NER/Document/Table Classification) feature is exclusively available on the Premium or Enterprise plan. It cannot be accessed or added as an add-on to the Starter plan.
  • What does "Custom Model (NER/Document/Table Classification)" mean?
    This refers to the ability to train custom machine learning models for Named Entity Recognition (NER), Document Classification, and Table Classification tasks within the platform. NER models can extract and classify named entities like people, organizations, and locations from text. Document and Table Classification models can categorize different types of documents or tables based on their content.
  • What are "Rules Creation" and "E-mail/PDF/Form Designs"?
    "Rules Creation" refers to the ability to create customized rules for validation/calculations or for automating processes within the platform. "E-mail/PDF/Form Designs" allow you to create and customize the templates or layouts for emails, PDFs, and forms used within the application.
  • What is meant by "E-mail Transmission" and "Form Submission"?
    E-mail Transmission refers to the capability to send emails from within the platform, potentially triggered by workflows or automation rules. Form Submission means the ability to create and receive form submissions, which could be tied to lead capture, surveys, or data collection processes.
  • What are "Email Workflows"?
    Email Workflows allow you to automate and trigger email sequences based on certain conditions or events within the platform. For example, you could set up a workflow to send a welcome email when a new user signs up, or a follow-up email series after a form submission.
  • Can I create custom email workflows on the Starter plan?
    Yes, the Starter plan includes "E-mail Workflow Creation" with a limit of 3 workflows. The Premium plan allows for 5 email workflows.
  • What is the difference between "Generate or Fill up PDF" on different plans?
    This feature allows you to either generate new PDFs or populate existing PDF templates with data. The Trial plan offers 10 uses, the Starter plan offers 25, and the Premium plan provides 250 uses of this feature.
  • If I downgrade my plan, what happens to my existing usage quota?
    If you downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan (e.g., Premium to Starter), any remaining usage quota from your previous plan will be added to the new downgraded plan's quota until your next billing cycle. This ensures you don't lose any unused quota when downgrading mid-cycle.
  • Can I upgrade my plan before my current billing cycle ends?
    Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any point during your billing cycle (e.g., from Starter to Premium). If you upgrade, any remaining usage quota from your previous plan will be added to the new upgraded plan's quota until your next billing cycle.
  • Do upgrades or downgrades take effect immediately?
    Upgrades and downgrades to your plan typically take effect immediately after processing the change. However, any additional charges or credits for the new plan may be pro-rated based on your current billing cycle.
  • If I downgrade, will I lose access to premium features from my previous plan?
    Yes, if you downgrade to a lower tier plan, you will lose access to any premium features that are not included in the new downgraded plan. It's important to review the feature differences between plans before downgrading.

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