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Advanced annotation techniques for superior Image annotation

Artificio comes with a high-performance image annotation solution for AI/ML models. With Artificio, you can annotate or label different categories of images and objects within an image, extract necessary datasets from the image, and label the extracted datasets in whatever the way you prefer to train your models with high accuracy.

Artificio's Comprehensive Image Annotation Services Artificio

Revolutionize Your Object Identification with Artificio's image annotation software

Artificio easily identifies different types of objects within an image and labels them in various categories.

Identification of products
Recognizing any kinds of damages
Easier medical diagnosis

Streamline Data Segregation with image annotation tool

Images are consisting of different components, and Artificio can segregate those contents effectively by using pretrained models.
  • Identification of products
  • Recognizing any kinds of damages
  • Easier medical diagnosis

Multi-format Text Detection with Artificio's State-of-the-Art AI Technology

Artificio can detect and recognized texts of different formats within an image using state of art OCR AI/ML model.
  • Validating ID Proofs
  • Classifying different types of products
  • Identifying license plates

Artificio - Efficiently Label Your Data

Efficiently Label Your Data

Artificio comes with a superpixel segmentation feature. There is a pre-labeling tool that is also part of Artificio. These AI/ML features make sure that a large-sized image is annotated and labeled properly without compromising quality.
Artificio - Exceptional Data Label Support

Exceptional Data Label Support

Artificio’s label support is highly advanced. The image annotation tool can easily specify different geometric labels for different classes of objects. Hence, object detection is an easy task with Artificio.
Artificio - Customize Your Data Labeling Process

Customize Your Data Labeling Process

Artificio can offer you the utmost level of flexibility. You can upload any possible image format viz. jpg, png, BMP, etc. on Artificio and get the annotated image. You can even annotate wide panoramic images with the help of Artificio.
Artificio - Maximize Your Productivity

Maximize Your Productivity

Artificio has a simple user interface. Any user without prior knowledge and idea of image annotation can use this tool for labeling different objects. The image labeling speed with Artificio is also 3X faster, and users tend to be more productive due to its simplicity.
Artificio - Agile solutions for scalability

Agile solutions for scalability

Our creators believe in scalability. We have designed the user interface of Artificio in such a manner that engaging image annotators and streamlining workflows is easy like never before. You can make every decision depending on your work requirements.
Artificio - Seamless Workflow Integration

Seamless Workflow Integration

Artificio annotation tool can easily integrate with any third-party tool via API call or downloadable JSON, CSV format. You can train and deploy your models at amazingly fast pace and ease.

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