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Power Your Text Annotation Process with Artificio's automatic text annotation tool

Artificio is an urbane tool for text annotation. Our multi-lingual text annotation service is exactly what you need to add automation in different levels of your organization.

Text annotation with Machine Learning

Text annotation using right Meta data

High level of visual representation

Information extraction and language generation

Artificio - Unmatched Quality and Accuracy

Unmatched Quality and Accuracy

With Artificio, you can get optimum quality and accuracy related to text annotation. Our text annotation takes place in multiple stages and there is hardly any possibility for mistakes. All the labeled texts are reviewed again and again to avoid mistakes.
Artificio - Agile solutions for scalability

Agile solutions for scalability

We have an expert workforce who can annotate texts as per the instructions of our clients. Our turnaround time is much less compared to our competitors. If your ultimate aim is to scale your business, there’s no better annotator than Artificio.
Artificio - Robust Security

Robust Security

We maintain high standards of data privacy. Artificio makes sure that all the confidential information of our customers is perfectly protected and there are no threats of data breaching. Maintaining the confidentiality of our customers is our number 1 priority.
Artificio - Affordable solutions

Affordable solutions

With Artificio, you can get high quality text labeling for reasonable costs. We aim at minimizing your overall costs and not increasing them.
Artificio - Diverse Lingual Support

Diverse Lingual Support

With our text annotation facilities, you can get a diverse lingual support. We support text annotation in multiple languages and you can label texts with regional languages using Artificio.
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