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Pushing the boundaries of efficiency in government agencies or departments by AI & ML-powered document processing platform for optimal productivity!
Why government operations needs Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Automation now?
  • Increased Efficiency

  • Reduced Errors

  • Cost Savings

  • Improved Service Delivery

  • Scalability

  • Fraud Detection

  • Intelligent Decision-Making

  • 24/7 Availability

  • Environmental Impact

  • Modernization

The Workflow Engine

Increased Efficiency: AI and ML can significantly speed up document processing in government operations, freeing up employees to focus on tasks that require human intelligence and intervention.

Reduced Errors: AI & ML algorithms can accurately extract, verify, and validate data, greatly reducing the number of errors typically associated with manual data entry and processing.

Cost Savings: Automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks can lead to considerable cost savings in the long run, as it reduces the need for manual labor.

Improved Service Delivery: With the automation of document processing, government services can be delivered more quickly and efficiently, enhancing citizen satisfaction.

Scalability: AI & ML automation allows government operations to effectively handle larger volumes of documents as demand increases, without the need for proportional increases in manpower or resources.

Fraud Detection: Advanced AI & ML algorithms can help detect anomalies and patterns that might indicate fraudulent activities, improving the security and integrity of government operations.

Deploy AI & ML automation solution in 5 simple steps for government operations

Step 1

Artificio imports an array of structured and unstructured (PDFs or Images) data from all sources such as Documents, Drives, Websites, Emails, Databases, Etc.

Step 2

Artificio Auto classifies the government forms, contracts into Individual Categories such as Property documents, IDs, Deeds, ownership, Tax forms, Construction permits.

Step 3

Artificio auto extracts key pairs or user-specific data fields, table line items by leveraging AI deep-learning custom models.

Step 4
Validator (Notifier)

Artificio verifies and validates each data entity by running AI & ML learning models and user specific rules. It sends notifications to users for exceptions as well.

Step 5

Artificio integrates data into ERP systems, Cloud, Database, or any other portals via API’s, Json, XLS and CSV.

Features of government operations and documents processing using AI & ML automation Platform – Artificio

Automate, Accelerate, Achieve, Streamline Complexity and Transmute Documents into Decisions with Artificio

  • AI OCR and Document Classification for Government Operations
    AI OCR and Document Classification for Government Operations

    Artificio's AI-driven OCR technology reads and extracts data from various government documents, such as application forms, permits, licenses, reports, and more, regardless of the format or language. The system also categorizes documents based on their content and context, providing an organized and efficient processing method.

    AI OCR and Document Classification for Government Operations
  • AI NER and Table Line-items Extraction Using Pretrained or Custom Models
    AI NER and Table Line-items Extraction Using Pretrained or Custom Models

    Artificio's AI NER identifies key pairs and categorizes critical information from unstructured text in government documents. Whether it's forms, applications, or reports, Artificio accurately extracts line-item details, ensuring all data is captured effectively and utilized for decision-making.

    AI NER and Table Line-items Extraction Using Pretrained or Custom Models
  • Data Verification, Validation, and Anomaly Detection
    Data Verification, Validation, and Anomaly Detection

    Artificio verifies and validates the data extracted from government documents, reducing the potential for errors. It also leverages AI & ML algorithms to identify anomalies and predict missing information, preventing costly mistakes and fraudulent activity.

    Data Verification, Validation, and Anomaly Detection
  • Integration with Government Systems and Databases
    Integration with Government Systems and Databases

    Government departments can create customized AI-driven applications using Artificio's user-friendly platform. These applications can facilitate the collection and management of various documents, helping to streamline operations

    Integration with Government Systems and Databases
  • AI App Creation for Government Operations
    AI App Creation for Government Operations

    Educational institutes can leverage Artificio's platform to create their own AI-driven applications. These apps can facilitate document collection and management, streamlining operations and enabling more efficient data handling.

    AI App Creation for Government Operations
  • Automated Communication with Citizens
    Automated Communication with Citizens

    Government departments can create customized AI-driven applications using Artificio's user-friendly platform. These applications can facilitate the collection and management of various documents, helping to streamline operations.

    Automated Communication with Citizens
  • Dynamic PDF Design and Generation
    Dynamic PDF Design and Generation

    With Artificio, government departments can auto-generate and auto-design various government-related documents or fillable PDFs. These documents can be easily shared or printed, streamlining the documentation process.

    Dynamic PDF Design and Generation
  • Automated Signature Integration, Verification, and Tracking
    Automated Signature Integration, Verification, and Tracking

    Artificio simplifies government operations with automated signature features, allowing for electronic signatures to be added to documents and verifying their authenticity. The system also tracks signature statuses and sends automated reminders to individuals who have yet to sign the necessary documents.

    Automated Signature Integration, Verification, and Trackingq
  • Scalability and Security
    Scalability and Security:

    Artificio can manage growing data volumes, adapting to the evolving needs of government operations. With advanced security protocols, it ensures the safety of sensitive data.

    Scalability and Security:q
  • Government Analytics and Reporting
    Government Analytics and Reporting

    Artificio provides comprehensive data views, generating reports with insightful analytics. The built-in data analytics tool can display trends and charts for faster analysis and predictive analytics, providing strategic insights. Additionally, powerful DataGrid features allow for efficient data navigation and manipulation. The system also enables merging of multiple documents into a single view for holistic data analysis.

    Government Analytics and Reporting:q

Enjoy Benefits of Artificio to Empower Communication, Enhance Public Service!

Increased Efficiency
Increased Efficiency

Artificio's AI & ML capabilities automate manual data extraction and document classification, greatly reducing the time spent on these tasks and increasing the overall efficiency of government operations.

Improved Accuracy
Improved Accuracy

By leveraging AI for data extraction, Artificio eliminates human error, ensuring a high level of accuracy in document processing and data analysis.

Enhanced Decision Making
Enhanced Decision Making

By identifying key data pairs and providing predictive analytics, Artificio transforms raw data into actionable insights, enhancing strategic decision-making in government operations.

Seamless Integration
Seamless Integration

Artificio easily integrates with existing government systems and databases, ensuring a smooth flow of data and continuity of operations.

Customized Applications
Customized Applications

The platform's drag-and-drop feature allows departments to create custom AI-driven applications tailored to their specific needs, further improving operational efficiency.

Effective Communication
Effective Communication

With automated email and message generation, Artificio improves communication between government departments and citizens, leading to better public service delivery.

Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance

Artificio's advanced security protocols and data validation features ensure the safety of sensitive data and compliance with government regulations.


As a scalable platform, Artificio is able to grow with your needs, making it a future-proof solution for government operations.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

By automating labor-intensive tasks and reducing the risk of errors, Artificio contributes to significant cost savings over time.

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  • What is Artificio and how can it benefit government operations?
    Artificio is an AI and Machine Learning powered platform that automates the processing of government documents and forms. It streamlines workflows by accurately extracting and validating data, detecting anomalies, and integrating seamlessly with existing systems. It also allows for the creation of custom AI apps, automated communication, dynamic PDF generation, and signature integration among other features, thereby improving efficiency, accuracy, and security.
  • How does Artificio's AI OCR work with different document formats and languages?
    Artificio's AI OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is designed to accurately read and extract data from a wide variety of document formats such as scanned PDFs and images. It can handle documents in different languages, making it a versatile tool for diverse governmental operations.
  • How secure is Artificio? Can it handle sensitive government data?
    Security is a top priority for Artificio. It features advanced security protocols to keep your data safe from breaches and unauthorized access. It is designed to handle sensitive government data with the utmost care and protection.
  • How does the data verification and validation work?
    Artificio goes beyond data extraction by verifying and validating the information. Custom rules such as mandatory fields, allowed values, calculations, matches, and duplicates can be created to ensure data consistency and reduce errors. It also uses advanced AI & ML algorithms to detect anomalies in your data, predicting missing information and flagging potential issues early.
  • Can Artificio integrate with our existing systems?
    Yes, Artificio is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing software systems, facilitating smooth data transfer and ensuring uninterrupted operations. It can also integrate verified data with various platforms via API calls.
  • How can we use Artificio to communicate with stakeholders?
    Artificio allows you to create custom static or dynamic email messages, enhancing communication with clients, vendors, and partners. AI can be leveraged to generate dynamic text messages based on the data extracted from documents, promoting better collaboration and improving relationships.
  • Can Artificio handle large volumes of data and adapt to growing needs?
    Artificio is highly scalable and can easily manage increasing data volumes, adjusting to your evolving business needs. Whether you are a small town's public records office or a large federal agency, Artificio has got you covered.
  • What kind of support can we expect after implementation?
    Artificio provides continuous support post-implementation. Our team of experts is always ready to help you maximize the platform's capabilities and resolve any issues that might arise.
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